Giulia Francavilla / Rae (she/her) is a sound artist currently based between Brussels and Turin. Grounded in the field of creative coding, Rae’s careful touch on sonic space embraces the potential of human-machine interaction to craft otherworldly sonic environments. Researching the intersections between immersive sound, listening practices, and technologically mediated experiences, Rae was fundamentally nourished by the Italian underground electronic music scene, later expanding her path internationally after obtaining a Master's degree at the Institute of Sonology of The Hague (NL), where she currently is a guest teacher. Influenced by the theoretical discourses on media, embodiment, deep-listening and perception, she develops her works in the field of algorithmic music, VR, multichannel and 3D audio. She uses coding as her main creative tool for sound design and composition, where the border between the two is blurred by a process-based approach.
On 2023 she was selected as artist in residency for the <<Sonic Spaces 2023>> program at ZKM | Hertz Lab (Karlsruhe, GE) and at Q-O2 (Brussels, BE). She presented her acousmatic works and performed in venues, festivals and institutions such as Oscillation Festival, ZKM, Sens Festival at ZiMMT, iMAL, De Doelen, Q-O2, Composing Spaces Festival, Punctum, PASE, C3, Circolo Nadir, Spazio X.  Since 2016 she carries out a solo project with the moniker Giulia Rae, her last EP "O" was released on Riforma on March 2024. Previous releases are on SØVN Records, Light Item, Ovaal, Intersezioni, Solium Records. She has appeared as a selector on radios such as Cashmere, Kiosk, Eos, Sygma, RBL. In parallel, she works as a composer and sound designer for theatre, dance and other multidisciplinary projects.

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