Giulia Francavilla / Rae (she/her) is an Italian composer, sound researcher and performer based between Brussels and Turin. With a background in noiserock and punk, she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Electroacoustic Composition in 2018 at Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi (Turin, IT), and a Research Master Degree at the Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatory of The Hague - NL) in 2021, where she currently is a Research Associate. Basing her practice on creative coding and sound design, semi-generative systems and live performance, Rae researches into the intersections between immersive sound, listening experience, technological mediations. Influenced by the theoretical discourse on posthumanism, human-machine interaction, embodiment and deep listening, she develops her works in the field of algorithmic music, VR, multichannel and 3D audio.
On 2023 she was selected as artist in residency for the <<Sonic Spaces 2023>> program at ZKM | Hertz Lab (Karlsruhe, GE) and at Q-O2 (Brussels, BE). During 2022 she worked as an artist in residency in the studio for 3D audio at the University of Paris VIII and at iMAL studios in Brussels, working with the Kinetic Sounds System.
Giulia Rae's last EP Nocturnal Drift was released on April 2023 by Søvn Records. Previous releases are on Light Item, Ovaal, Intersezioni, Solium Records, Guerrilla Bizarre.
In parallel, she works as composer and sound designer for multidisciplinary projects.

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